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CORDER Surgical Microscope Operation Method

The CORDER Operating Microscope is a medical device used in various procedures, including surgery. This innovative device facilitates a clearer and magnified view of the surgical site, helping surgeons perform complex procedures with extreme accuracy and precision. In this article, we will discuss how to operate a CORDER surgical microscope.


Paragraph 1: Introduction and preparation

Before starting surgery, it is necessary to ensure that the CORDER surgical microscope is set up correctly. The device should be plugged into an electrical outlet and the light source should be turned on. The surgeon should position the device within a clear view of the surgical field. The equipment also needs to be calibrated to match the distance and focus required for a particular procedure.


Paragraph 2: Lighting and magnification setup

CORDER Surgical Microscopes feature a variety of illumination settings that can be adjusted to the needs of the surgical site. It has a built-in cold light source for proper lighting, which can be adjusted using a foot pedal. The magnification of the microscope can also be adjusted to provide a clear view of the surgical site. Magnification is usually set in increments of five, allowing surgeons to choose the magnification that best suits their requirements.


Paragraph Three: Focus and Positioning

The main function of the CORDER surgical microscope is to provide a clear view of the surgical site by using a zoom lens. Surgeons can use the adjustment knob on the microscope head or the electric adjustment button on the handle to adjust the focus. The microscope must be positioned correctly to obtain an optimal view of the surgical site. The device should be placed at a comfortable distance from the surgeon and should be adjusted in height and angle to match the surgical site.


Article 4: Specific program settings

Different procedures require different magnifications and lighting settings. For example, procedures involving complex sutures may require higher magnifications, while procedures involving bone surgery may require lower magnifications. Lighting settings also need to be adjusted according to the depth and color of the surgical site. The surgeon should select the appropriate settings for each procedure.


Paragraph 5: Care and maintenance

The CORDER Surgical Microscope is a precision piece of equipment that requires proper care and maintenance to function properly. Equipment should be cleaned after each procedure to remove any contamination or debris. The manufacturer’s guidelines for equipment maintenance must also be followed to prevent damage and ensure optimal performance.


in conclusion:

The CORDER Surgical Microscope is an invaluable tool for the surgeon, providing a clear, magnified and illuminated view of the surgical site. By following the method of operation described above, this device can be used to perform complex surgeries with great precision and accuracy. Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure the longevity and peak performance of your equipment.
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Post time: May-19-2023