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Dental South China 2023

After the end of the COVID-19, Chengdu CORDER Optics & Electronics Co.,Ltd will participate in the Dental South China 2023 Exhibition held in Guangzhou on 23-26 February 2023 , our booth Number is 15.3.E25.

This is the first exhibition re-opened to global customers in three years. In the past three years, our company has also continuously improved our dental microscope, hoping to re-display the perfect products in front of customers.


With the release of the new ten articles on epidemic prevention and control and the optimization of epidemic policy, 2023 will become a key year for the recovery of consumption and economic recovery. As the "industry vane" to forecast the trend and promote the industry, in order to boost the confidence of the industry and promote the resumption of work and production as soon as possible, the 28th South China International Oral Medical Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar (hereinafter referred to as "2023 South China Exhibition") will be held in Zone C of Guangzhou · China Import and Export Commodity Trade Exhibition Hall from February 23 to 26, 2023. The pre-registration of the exhibition was opened on December 20, 2022. The first 188 pre-registered visitors can obtain a certificate A for the 2023 South China Exhibition.


On-site display and face-to-face communication are still the most efficient means of business communication, especially for the oral industry. The exhibition is still an important way for exhibitors to display their brand image, release new products of the year, and visitors to gain new knowledge of the industry, understand new trends in the industry, and make new friends. The exhibition is also a platform to promote industrial exchange, cooperation, and common prosperity and development.

The exhibition area of the 2023 South China Exhibition is estimated to be 55000+square meters, bringing together more than 800 brand enterprises at home and abroad, covering the whole industry chain of the oral industry, bringing the annual new products, new technologies and new business cooperation models of the oral industry in 2023 to the scene, allowing the audience to connect the high-quality brand resources of the whole industry chain in a one-stop manner, and helping the oral industry grasp the new product trend and market orientation of 2023.


At the same time, the exhibition held more than 150 professional seminars, such as high-end industry forums, special technical meetings, good case sharing meetings, special operation training courses, to focus on the global market dynamics and interpret the industry development status and trends in a three-dimensional way; Relying on new technologies and new products, we will help dental practitioners master solid theoretical knowledge and skilled operational skills, and empower the industry.

More than a single "exhibition", the 2023 South China Exhibition will rely on the profound resources of the industry, actively explore the integration of new business forms, and lead the on-site audience to immerse in the exhibition and practical exhibition with new scenes such as new product release, digital intelligence art exhibition, industry job fair, dental museum, and rich welfare punch in activities. In combination with the new mode of online live broadcast, the 2023 South China Exhibition will give the industry more imagination space and inject more vitality into the industry.


Post time: Jan-30-2023