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Innovation in Dental Surgery: CORDER Surgical Microscope

Dental surgery is a specialized field that requires visual precision and accuracy when treating tooth and gum related diseases. The CORDER Surgical Microscope is an innovative device that offers different magnifications from 2 to 27x, enabling dentists to accurately view the details of the root canal system and perform surgery with confidence. Using this device, the surgeon can better visualize the treatment area and operate on the affected tooth efficiently, resulting in a successful procedure.

The CORDER surgical microscope offers an excellent lighting system that enhances the human eye’s ability to distinguish fine details in objects. The high brightness and good convergence of the light source, transmitted through optical fiber, is coaxial with the surgeon’s line of sight. This innovative system reduces visual fatigue for the surgeon and allows for more precise work, which is critical in dental procedures where a small mistake can have a major impact on a patient’s oral health.

Dental surgery is physically demanding for the dentist, but the CORDER surgical microscope has been designed and used according to ergonomic principles, which are essential to reduce fatigue and maintain good health. The design and use of the device enables the dentist to maintain good body posture and relax the shoulder and neck muscles, ensuring that they will not feel tired even after prolonged use. Fatigue has the potential to test a dentist’s decision-making ability, so ensuring that fatigue is prevented is an important step in the accurate execution of dental procedures.


The CORDER Surgical Microscope is compatible with multiple devices including cameras and is a great tool for teaching and sharing with others. By adding an adapter, the microscope can be synchronized with the camera to record and capture images in real time during the procedure. This capability allows surgeons to analyze and study recorded procedures for better understanding, review and share with peers, and provide better explanations to patients in the context of teaching and communication.

In conclusion, the CORDER surgical microscope shows great potential for improving the accuracy and precision of dental procedures. Its innovative design, advanced lighting and magnification, ergonomics and adaptability to camera equipment make it an invaluable tool in the field of dental surgery. This is an invaluable investment that can improve dental healthcare practice and patient outcomes.

Post time: Apr-23-2023