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ASOM-520-A Dental Microscope 5 Steps/ 6 Steps /Stepless Magnifications

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Dental microscopes are mainly used for the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases. Specifically, it can improve the diagnostic accuracy of doctors, help doctors find small lesions of oral diseases, and provide high-definition imaging during treatment to ensure the effectiveness of treatment. In addition, it can also be used in oral endoscopic surgery, root canal treatment, dental implant, enamel shaping, tooth restoration and other treatment processes to help doctors operate more delicately and improve the treatment effect. You can choose 5 steps / 6 steps /stepless magnifications according to different requirements. The ergonomic microscope design improves your body comfort.

This oral dental microscope is equipped with a 0-200 degree tiltable binocular tube, 55-75 pupil distance adjustment, plus or minus 6D diopter adjustment, manual continuous zoom, 300mm large objective lens, optional built-in or External connection image system handle one-click video capture , can share your professional knowledge with patients at any time. 100000 hours LED lighting system can provide sufficient brightness. Even in deep or narrow cavities, you can use your skills accurately and effectively.


American LED: Imported from the United States, high color rendering index CRI > 85, high service life > 100000 hours.

German spring: German high performance air spring, stable and durable.

Optical lens: APO grade achromatic optical design, multilayer coating process.

Electrical components: High reliability components made in Japan.

Optical quality: Follow the company's ophthalmic grade optical design for 20 years , with high resolution of over 100 lp/mm and large depth of field.

5 steps/ 6 steps /Stepless magnifications: Motorized 1.8-21x , which can meet the use habits of different doctors.

Optional image system: Integrated or external imaging solution are opened for you.

Mounting Options


1.Mobile floor stand


2.Fixed floor mounting


3.Ceiling mounting


4.Wall mounting

More details

Surgical microscope Dental Operation Microscope 1

0-200 Binocular tube

It conforms to the principle of ergonomics, which can ensure that clinicians obtain clinical sitting posture that conforms to ergonomics, and can effectively reduce and prevent muscle strain of waist, neck and shoulder.



The height of the eye cup can be adjusted to meet the needs of the clinicians with naked eyes or glasses. This eyepiece is comfortable to observe and has a wide range of visual adjustment.


Pupil Distance

Precise pupil distance adjustment knob, the adjustment accuracy is less than 1mm, which is convenient for users to quickly adjust to their own pupil distance.


5 steps/ 6 steps /Stepless magnifications

Manual 5 steps/ 6 steps /continuous zoom, can be stopped at any appropriate magnification.


Build-in LED illumination

Long life medical LED white light source, high color temperature, high color rendering index, high brightness, high degree of reduction, long time use and no eyes fatigue.



Built in yellow and green color filter.
Yellow light spot: It can prevent the resin material from curing too quickly when exposed.
Green light spot: see the tiny nerve blood under the operating blood environment.


120 degree balance arm

The torque and damping can be adjusted according to the load of the head to maintain the balance of the microscope. The angle and position of the head can be adjusted by one touch, which is comfortable to operate and smooth to move.

Surgical microscope Dental Operation Microscope

Optional head pendulum function

The ergonomic function specially designed for oral general practitioners, under the condition that the doctor's sitting position remains unchanged, that is, the binocular tube keeps the horizontal observation position while the lens body tilts to the left or right.


Upgrade to integrated full HD CCD camera

Integrated HD CCD recorder system controls taking & browse pictures, taking videos .Pictures and videos are automatically stored in the USB flash disk for easy transfer to the computer. USB disk insert in the arm of the microscope.



mobile adopter









Packing details

Head Carton:595×460×330(mm) 11KG
Arm Carton:1200*545*250 (mm) 34KG
Base Carton:785*785*250(mm) 59KG


Model ASOM-520
Function Dental/ENT
Electrical data
Power socket 220v(+10%/-15%) 50HZ/110V(+10%/-15%) 60HZ
Power consumption 40VA
Safety class class I
Tube 0-200 degree inclinable binocular tube
Magnification Manual 5 steps/ 6 steps /Stepless magnifications
Stereo base 22mm
Objectives  F= 300mm
Objective focusing 120mm
Eyepiece 12.5x/ 10x
pupil distance 55mm~75mm
diopter adjustment +6D ~ -6D
Feild of veiw Φ78.6~Φ9mm
Reset functions yes
Light source LED cold light with life time >100000 hours, brightness >60000 lux , CRI>90
filter OG530, Red free filter, small spot
Banlance arm 120° Banlance arm
Automatic switching device Built-in arm
Imaging system Optional build-in HD camera system ,Control by Handle
Light intensity adjustment Using a drive knob on the optics carrier
Max extension range 1100mm
Base 680 × 680 mm
Transportation height 1476 mm
Balancing range Min3 kg to max 8 kg load on the optics carrier
Brake system Fine adjustable mechanical brakes for all rotation axes
with detachable brake
System weight 108 kg
Stand options Ceiling mount,Wall mount,Floor plate,Floor stand
Knobs sterilizable
Tube 90°binocular tube + 45°Wedge splitter, 45° binocular tube
Video adapter Mobile phone adapter, beam splitter, CCD adapter, CCD, SLR digital camera adaper,camcorder adapter
Ambient conditions
Use +10°C to +40°C
30% to 75% relative humidity
500 mbar to 1060 mbar atmospheric pressure
Storage –30°C to +70°C
10% to 100% relative humidity
500 mbar to 1060 mbar atmospheric pressure
Limitations on use
The surgical microscope may be used in enclosed rooms and
on flat surfaces with max. 0.3° unevenness; or at stable walls or ceilings that fulfill
microscope specifications


Is it a factory or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer of surgical microscope, established in the 1990s.

Why choose CORDER?
The best configuration and the best optical quality can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Can we apply to be an agent?
We are seeking long-term partners in the global market.

Can OEM&ODM be supported?
Customization can be supported, such as LOGO, color, configuration, etc.

What certificates do you have?
ISO, CE and a number of patented technologies.

How many years is the warranty?
Dental microscope has a 3-year warranty and lifelong after-sales service.

Packing method?
Carton packaging, can be palletized.

Type of shipping?
Support air, sea, rail, express and other modes.

Do you have installation instructions?
We provide installation video and instructions.

What is HS code?
Can we check the factory? Welcome customers to inspect the factory at any time.
Can we provide product training? Online training can be provided, or engineers can be sent to the factory for training.

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