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Lithography Machine Mask Aligner Photo-Etching Machine

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The exposure light source adopts imported UV LED and light source shaping module, with small heat and good light source stability.

The inverted lighting structure has good heat dissipation effect and light source close effect, and the mercury lamp replacement and maintenance are simple and convenient. Equipped with high magnification binocular dual field microscope and 21 inch wide screen LCD, it can be visually aligned through
eyepiece or CCD + display, with high alignment accuracy, intuitive process and convenient operation.


With fragment processing function

Leveling contact pressure ensures repeatability through sensor

The alignment gap and exposure gap can be set digitally

Using embedded computer + touch screen operation, simple and convenient, beautiful and generous

Pull type up and down plate, simple and convenient

Support vacuum contact exposure, hard contact exposure, pressure contact exposure and proximity exposure

With nano imprint interface function

Single layer exposure with one key, high degree of automation

This machine has good reliability and convenient demonstration, especially suitable for teaching, scientific research and factories in Colleges and universities

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1. Exposure area: 110mm × 110mm;
2. ★ Exposure wavelength: 365nm;
3. Resolution: ≤ 1m;
4. Alignment accuracy: 0.8m;
5.The motion range of the scanning table of the alignment system shall at least meet: Y: 10mm;
6. The left and right light tubes of the alignment system can move separately in X, y and Z directions, X direction: ± 5mm, Y direction: ± 5mm and Z direction: ± 5mm;
7. Mask size: 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches;
8. Sample size: fragment, 2 ", 3", 4 ";
9. ★ Suitable for sample thickness: 0.5-6mm, and can support 20mm sample pieces at most (customized);
10. Exposure mode: timing (countdown mode);
11. Non uniformity of lighting: < 2.5%;
12. Dual field CCD alignment microscope: zoom lens (1-5 times) + microscope objective lens;
13. The movement stroke of the mask relative to the sample shall at least meet: X: 5mm; Y: 5mm; : 6º;
14. ★ Exposure energy density: > 30MW / cm2,
15. ★ The alignment position and exposure position work in two stations, and the two station servo motor switches automatically;
16. Leveling contact pressure ensures repeatability through sensor;
17. ★ The alignment gap and exposure gap can be set digitally;
18. ★ It has nano imprint interface and proximity interface;
19. ★ Touch screen operation;
20. Overall dimension: About 1400mm (length) 900mm (width) 1500mm (height).

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