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3D Dental Teeth Dentistry Scanner

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The intraoral scanner is a high-performance scanner. It is very fast and provides a smooth scanning experience. It can be considered one of the best Chinese scanners on the market. The scanning process is efficient, and the AI is excellent.

This scanner has impressive scan speeds especially given its very low cost. Considering scan speed alone, it competes with much more expensive scanners on the market, such as Medit, TRIOS, iTero, etc. We achieved full-arch scans easily within 60 seconds.


1.It is equipped with intelligent algorithms to make the scanning process enjoyable.
2.Soft tissue is removed automatically and accurately, and bite registrations are fast.
3.The scanner quickly finds its place again when the scan is paused and restarted. has the best scanning AI we have since in a Chinese product.

More details


It is a rendering to look close to reality

When taking a scan using, the scanning image fabricated by the software has a life-like appearance.It is a rendering to look close to reality.
The software also presents several onscreen tips during the workflow to help you learn to scan and perform the workflow correctly.
Overall, it's an excellent scanning experience, especially for beginners.


Full-Arch Scanning

Using the scanner, we could carry out full arch scans within 60 seconds. full arches, quadrants, metals, and edentulous areas, and it did a good job regardless.

It handles full-arch scans very well. On scanning speed and flow alone, this scanner can compete with much more expensive IOS on the market.



The software is modern-looking, easy to use, simplified, aesthetic, and loaded with excellent features.

The software is designed in a way that is intuitive and efficient. Essential scanner software functions such as analyzing occlusion or reduction space, editing scans, removing any scan data, etc., are all present in the software.


Scanner Size & Ergonomics

The scanner is super ergonomic. It fits comfortably in the user's hand and has a narrow scanning tip that makes it enjoyable to scan with.

The scanner weighs 246 grams, meaning it is one of the lighter scanners on the market.

It also has a base to hold the scanner when not used.

Packing details



Acquisition Technology Staring Scan
Camera Number x 3
Scan Field 18x16mm
Scan Depth 20mm
Precision 5μm
Accuracy 10μm
Color Full HD
Anti Fog System Intelligent Heating
Full Jaw Scanning Time 1-2 min
True Color Yes
Handpiece Enclosure Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Handpiece Dimension 216 x 40 x 36 mm
Handpiece Weight 226g (246g with tip)
Tip Types 3types (N/M/D)
Number of Tips included 5
Autoclave Cycle for Tips 30-50 times
Calibrator Automatic
Scanning Control Foot Pedal
Image Transfer Interface USB3.0
Cable Lenght (m) 2m
Cart Touchscreen Optional
Power Supply Type AC/DC Medical Power Adapter
Supply Voltage (V) 100-240V/50-60Hz
Supply Current (A) 0.7-1.5A
Storage Temperature (°C) -10°- 55°C
Operating Temperature (°C) 15°-30°C
Standard Warranty 1 year
Extend Warranty 2-3 years available
Certifification /CE/ISO13485/INMETRO/ANVISA, etc



Is it a factory or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer of surgical microscope, established in the 1990s.

Why choose CORDER?
The best configuration and the best optical quality can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Can we apply to be an agent?
We are seeking long-term partners in the global market.

Can OEM&ODM be supported?
Customization can be supported, such as LOGO, color, configuration, etc.

What certificates do you have?
ISO, CE and a number of patented technologies.

How many years is the warranty?
Dental microscope has a 3-year warranty and lifelong after-sales service.

Packing method?
Carton packaging, can be palletized

Type of shipping?
Support air, sea, rail, express and other modes.

Do you have installation instructions?
We provide installation video and instructions.

What is HS code?
Can we check the factory? Welcome customers to inspect the factory at any time.

Can we provide product training?
Online training can be provided, or engineers can be sent to the factory for training.


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