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ASOM-610-3C Ophthalmic Microscope With LED Light Source

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This Ophthalmic operating microscopes are widely used in the field of ophthalmic surgery. Most types of ophthalmic surgery do not require much movement, and ophthalmologists often maintain the same posture during surgery. Therefore, maintaining a comfortable working posture and avoiding muscle fatigue and tension has become another major challenge in ophthalmic surgery. In addition, eye surgery procedures involving the anterior and posterior segments of the eye pose unique challenges.Provide a wide range of ophthalmic microscopes and accessories for different needs and budgets of ophthalmic surgery.

This Ophthalmic microscope is equipped with a 30-90 degree tiltable binocular tube, 55-75 pupil distance adjustment, plus or minus 6D diopter adjustment, footswitch electric control continuous zoom. Optional BIOM system can match your posterior segments surgery, Excellent red light reflection effect, built-in depth of field amplifier, and macular protection filter.


Light source: Equipped LED lamps, high color rendering index CRI > 85, safe backup for surgery.

Motorized focus: 50mm focusing distance controlled by footswitch.

Motorized X-Y: The head part can be controlled by footswitch motorized X-Y direction moving.

Stepless magnifications: Motorized 4.5-27x , which can meet the use habits of different doctors.

Optical lens: APO grade achromatic optical design

Optical quality: With high resolution of over 100 lp/mm and large depth of field.

Red reflex : Red reflex can be adjusted by one knob.

External image system: External CCD camera system is optional.

Optional BIOM system: can support posterior surgery.

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Motorized magnifications

The magnification can be continuously adjusted, and ophthalmologists can stop at any magnification during surgery according to their needs. Foot control is very convenient.


Motorized focus

50mm focus distance can be controlled by footswitch, easy to get focus quickly. With zero return function.


Motorized X-Y moving

X-Y direction adjustment, foot control, simple and convenient operation.


30-90 Binocular tube

It conforms to the principle of ergonomics, which can ensure that clinicians obtain clinical sitting posture that conforms to ergonomics, and can effectively reduce and prevent muscle strain of waist, neck and shoulder.


Build-in LED lamps

Upgrade to LED light sources, long lifetime more than 100000 hours, ensured stable and high brightness during surgery.


Integrated macular protector

A macular protective film protects the patient's eyes from injury during surgery.


Integrated red reflex adjustment

The red light reflex allows surgeons to observe the structure of the lens, providing them with a clear vision for safe and successful surgery. How to clearly observe the lens structure, especially in key stages such as phacoemulsification, lens extraction, and intraocular lens implantation during surgery, and always provide stable red light reflection, is a challenge for surgical microscopes.

Surgical microscope Ophthalmic Operation Microscope 1

Coaxial assistant tube

Coaxial assistant tube can rotate left and right, the main  observation system and assistant observation system are coaxial independent optical systems.

Surgical microscope Orthopedic Operation Microscope 2

External CCD recorder

An external CCD image system can store video and image materials, facilitating communication with peers or patients.

Fundus wide angle lens 2

BIOM system for retina surgery

Optional BIOM system for retina surgery, includes invertor, holder and 90/130 lens.Surgery in the posterior segment of the eye mainly treats retinal diseases, including vitrectomy, scleral compression surgery, and so on.


1.Beam splitter
2.External CCD interface
3.External CCD recorder
4.BIOM system

Fundus wide angle lens

Packing details

Head Carton: 595×460×230(mm) 14KG
Arm Carton: 890×650×265(mm) 41KG
Column Carton: 1025×260×300(mm) 32KG
Base Carton: 785*785*250(mm) 78KG


Product model





The magnification is 12.5X, the adjustment range of pupil distance is 55mm ~ 75mm, and the adjustment range of diopter is + 6D ~ - 6D

Binocular tube

0 ° ~ 90 ° variable inclination main observation, pupil distance adjustment knob


 6:1 zoom, motorized continuous, magnification 4.5x~27.3x; field of view Φ44~Φ7.7mm

 Coaxial assistant’s binocular tube

 Free-rotatable assistant stereoscope, all direction circumvolve freely, magnification 3x~16x; field of view Φ74~Φ12mm


LED light source , illumination intensity>100000lux


F200mm (250mm, 300mm,350mm,400mm etc )

 X-Y moving

Move in X-Y direction motorised, range +/-30mm


Filters Heat-absorbing,blue correction,cobalt blue and green

 Maximum length of arm

Maximum extension radius 1380mm

 New stand

 swing angle of the carrier arm 0 ~300°,height from objective to floor 800mm

 Handle controller

 8 functions (zoom, focusing, X-Y swing)

Optional function

 CCD image system




Is it a factory or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer of surgical microscope, established in the 1990s.

Why choose CORDER?
The best configuration and the best optical quality can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Can we apply to be an agent?
We are seeking long-term partners in the global market.

Can OEM&ODM be supported?
Customization can be supported, such as LOGO, color, configuration, etc.

What certificates do you have?
ISO, CE and a number of patented technologies.

How many years is the warranty?
Dental microscope has a 3-year warranty and lifelong after-sales service.

Packing method?
Carton packaging, can be palletized.

Type of shipping?
Support air, sea, rail, express and other modes.

Do you have installation instructions?
We provide installation video and instructions.

What is HS code?
Can we check the factory? Welcome customers to inspect the factory at any time
Can we provide product training? Online training can be provided, or engineers can be sent to the factory for training.

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